Reception Area

Welcome to Oakton Animal Hospital. We pride ourselves in providing a clean, comfortable, odor-free environment for both our patients and their owners.

While we strive to have your wait time be as short as possible with scheduled appointment times, sometimes we need to respond to patients with immediate needs. Oakton Animal Hospital's reception area includes an aquarium and a refreshment center.

Examination Room

A thorough physical examination from head to tail is the most important thing you can do for your pet. In most cases, our examinations reveal a healthy pet.

Sometimes though, problems are detected. A health problem discovered in its early stages allows for early treatment.

This early intervention gives the best chance of providing a longer and healthier life for your pet.

Treatment Area

A large treatment area is located at the back of our hospital. We utilize this area for multiple procedures including examinations of hospitalized patients, specific blood collections, treatment procedures and dental care.


Oakton Animal Hospital has an impressive laboratory right here in our hospital. Our hospital laboratory gives our doctors information within 15 minutes from a single blood sample. This gives us the opportunity to quickly diagnose your pet's illness without delay, while you wait. Blood chemistry panels, complete blood counts, and microscopic examinations are completed within minutes providing information to our doctors in order for them to diagnose and begin treatment of your pet in a critical situation. For additional tests that we run at Oakton, we have an excellent laboratory outside of the hospital which responds with a quick turn around time. An in-house pharmacy allows you and your pet to go straight home from our hospital saving you a stop and adding the convenience of answering any questions you may have concerning your pet's medication.


Oakton Animal Hospital has a complete x-ray facility with automatic processing of radiographs to minimize your wait time. Diagnostic imaging allows our doctors to properly evaluate your pet's medical condition. It gives us the opportunity to look inside your pet in a quick and painless manner.


Surgeries & laser assisted surgeries are performed at Oakton Animal Hospital include spaying and neutering, as well as procedures to correct medical problems or injuries.

All procedures are done using Isoflourane, a very safe gas anesthesia. Pulse rates and tissue oxygen levels are monitored electronically throughout surgery.

Surgeries are done at our hospital Monday through Friday. We ask that you call for an appointment so we may best serve you.


Good oral hygiene is important to ensure proper overall health. This becomes increasingly important as your pet ages. For routine maintenance, tooth brush kits are available. For those times when tarter buildup has become too extensive and gingival inflammation or tooth loss is likely to occur, we highly recommend having your pet's teeth cleaned.

This procedure is done under a very safe general anesthetic. At this time, teeth are thoroughly scaled & polished and the gums & teeth are evaluated. The cleaning of your pet's teeth is essential for a long and healthy life.


Cardiology & Ultrasound & Specialized Surgery

Oakton Animal Hospital is proud to offer the service of two of the areas most highly respected specialists. This allows us the opportunity to offer you the very best medical and surgical care all in one location.


For your convenience we offer a special service. Your pet can stay with us for the day, and be given its annual exam, vaccines, medical diagnosis and treatment or whatever the need may be. You can feel confident that your pet will receive the best of care and will rest comfortably in a clean environment with a "soft blanket".